DVD update 2021-1

Update 2018-2021

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The update to PC-Navigo 2021 is now available.

Note: for this update you must have a dongle and license for PC-Navigo 2018! This product is only relevant for Benelux or Europe versions! See also the updated system requirements.

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Product Description

The update for PC-Navigo 2021 is available; this update contains a lot of new functionalities:

  • The Inland-ECDIS viewer in PC-Navigo has been adapted completely to comply with the new Central Rhine Commission’s requirements to carry ENC-charts in the information mode; PC-Navigo is therefore a fullblown Inland-ECDIS system compatible with the newest regulations;
  • All ECDIS (=ENC-) charts in PC-Navigo have been updated according to the very last publications of the German, French, Belgian and Dutch waterway authorities;
  • An EDIT function has been developped to modify or add or delete buoys and beacons in the charts. The user can keep his charts up to date now;
  • A few added options to PREFERENCES allow the modification of line colours and track colours in the charts, to improve visibility (in particular for colorblind people);
  • Works optimal with Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • In the plan-data of PC-Navigo there are now 60.900 “points of interest”! Some substantial additions to the existing infrastructure have been added;
  • The ECDIS (or ENC-) library now contains over 2000 pre-installed chart cells. More than two thirds of these cells have been recently updated or re-published;
  • The PICTOGRAMMES button (with which the details of the voyage can be shown) has been made more visible and recognisable;
  • Some labels and hints in the program have been improved or clarified;
  • Free routeplanning on http://routeplanner.pcnavigo.com, for use on tablet, smartphone etc
  • ALL operating hours and ALL planned stoppages have been checked and corrected; if necessary, more modifications will be included in the patch files, which will be available on our website for free
  • Possibility to sail on OpenStreetView Charts
  • Completely new appearance
  • Improvement of AIS Interface