Be a reseller


PC-Navigo, the route planner for inland waterways, is not only sold by NoorderSoft, but also through a network of distributors, both in the commercial inland transport market as in the leisure boating market. The software is multilingual. Companies that are interested in selling PC-Navigo can contact us for more detailed information with a simple mail to NoorderSoft.

Our requirements for potential dealers are:

  • That the company be registered at a Chamber of Commerce or an equivalent organisation;
  • That the company be active in any of the markets relevant for PC-Navigo: inland shipping, leisure boating, transport, maps and guides, network and geo data;
  • That the company agrees to uphold the standards that NoorderSoft has described in the field of software security, virus protection, stock management – in particular with regards to the replacement of copies in stock after the edition of a new version –  and other matters that guarantee the quality of the product to end users.

Dealers will receive fixed discounts, starting at 15 %. These discounts will only be granted if a few conditions are met:

  • The discount depends on payment within the agreed payment term of fourteen days. After that period, the discount falls back to zero. A first invoice of a new dealer will have to be paid in advance.
  • The discounts will only be granted for orders of at least five copies – or with a value of at least € 1000 – in order to avoid costly forwarding. This condition must make sure that a dealer will maintain a sufficient number of stock copies to deliver to customers who prefer to buy at a dealer because of the immediate availability of the product.