PC-Navigo online routeplanning

Users who have the latest version of PC-Navigo can also use our online version for planning routes with the PC-Navigo online routeplanning.

To use the online routeplanning, it is necessary to first add ships to the online fleet. This can be done even with the offline version of PC-Navigo. Via Edit-> shipdata, you can get to your fleet list. You can choose here which ship you would like to add to your online fleet.


The online routeplanning is available on http://routeplanner.pcnavigo.com . The website can also be used on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. On the website, you have to log in with your dongle-ID> Once you’re logged in, you can choose your ship and start planning.


First enter the data, such as speed, start time, departure and destination. Once you’ve done this, you can start planning your route.


Via the chart-button in the topright corner, you can view your route.


You can also view all to-be-expected objects on this route: