Downloading Stoppages

PC-Navigo can take the stoppages into account that have been planned and announced by the various waterway authorities. The producers of PC-Navigo, NoorderSoft, maintain a special web service that lists these stoppages in a coded format that PC-Navigo can read. The publications of all E.U. administrations are checked on a daily basis to keep these data up to date.

To use these real-time data, one must have access to the Internet for a few seconds per day (or week). A simple click on the download stoppages menu gets the latest update of the list, which PC-Navigo will automatically take into account.

Since version 2010, this service is extended to the publication of lift and swing bridges of which the operation is interrupted; thus it allows PC-Navigo to differentiate between a total stoppage and the possibility for a ship with enough head room to pass under the concerned bridge.

PC-Navigo also takes limitations into account: if the biggest chamber of a double lock is closed, the dimensions of the smaller chamber are listed, so that your computer can calculate whether you can pass or not.

Actual stoppages can be displayed graphically in the overview charts of PC-Navigo so that you can see where they occur.

And finally PC-Navigo can contain the URL’s of the original Notices-to-Skippers in which the stoppages where announced. The details of those notices can thus be accessed.

If PC-Navigo finds that a planned voyage will encounter one or more stoppages, it shows these and it will suggest alternatives if available.

Stoppages for older versions (from before 2014) have not been maintained anymore since 2015. The differences in the infrastructure have become too large.