When can I contact the helpdesk?

The helpdesk-services of NoorderSoft are available, free of charges, to all owners of the current and the previous version of PC-Navigo. Owners of older versions can regain access to the free help desk services by updating their version.

How can I contact the helpdesk?

PC-Navigo is developed and maintained by NoorderSoft bv. The help desk is based in Wuustwezel, Belgium. The helpdesk in Belgium is multilingual; it is available by e-mail ( or – if an mail message is not possible – by phone 00-32-3.670.19.85 (on week days from 09:15 a.m. till noon).

Team Viewer Remote Help

You may ask NoorderSoft to provide “remote help”: by means of a little tool program on your computer you can provide access to your desk top, allowing one of our programmers to look into your computer via the internet and see for himself where the problem is. He can even repair the files and directories that are wrong. A click on the image on the left lets you download and install the little tool program that manages this remote help process, if it’s not yet on your computer. If you communicate the ID and Password on your screen, by phone,  to the NoorderSoft expert that’s helping you, he will be able to “take over” your screen and perform the necessary repairs. This way of providing help is fast and efficient. At any moment in the process you can interrupt the remote control and withdraw the permission to look into your computer, of course.

PC-Navigo online helpdesk