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The download for  the update 2022 that converts your existing PC-Navigo in a PC-Navigo 2022 version, will be e-mailed or forwarded to you with a special update code from NoorderSoft, upon reception of your order and the corresponding payment.)

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Why do I need to update?

PC-Navigo is still developed and extended regularly. Both the program and the data it contains are continuously adapted and improved in order to remain compatible with operating systems, technological developments and user preferences. That is why the frequency of new versions is at one per year. Each year a new PC-Navigo version is released. Part of the renewals consists of added functionality and data modifications, but another part is formed by the necessary modifications to keep the software compatible with the requirements of new operating systems, new hardware and new standards in the basic (chart) data. And although an update would not really be necessary for the added functions and data changes, it IS necessary for the technical and operational changes.

The recent new regulations on the waterways require that skippers use the latest edition of the published charts; this, too, makes the use of an up to date version of the software a mandatory affair.

That is why we strongly recommend not to skip updates. The way in which the update rates are calculated has suppressed the advantage of a skipped update, because the update is rated in function of the amount of “bridged”years. The costs of the maintenance of the software and the data (with which six people earn their living) amount to over 70 Euros per customer per year. With the VAT added, this is why updates cost 80 Euros. It is also the reason why technical support and “dynamic” data (such as the stoppages list) are only provided to owners of the LAST and the LAST BUT ONE version. Even the price of a new license is based on the calculation of the costs to keep PC-Navigo “on the air”. Without the yearly update rates, the prices of NEW licenses would be much higher than they are now.