Drivers and updates


Downloads PC-Navigo completely

If you wish to (re-)download PC-Navigo 2022, please see the following link: download PC-Navigo 2022

Download patch 2021

You can download the patch for the 2021 version here: 2021.1.13.1 (508 MB)
This patch only contains chart updates!

ATTENTION: this patch is only to be used with a VALID version 2021 ! If you own an older version (2020 and older) you must first UPDATE your version to a 2021 version (which is NOT free of charge).

CAUTION: If you receive a Windows warning when downloading that the patch file is a “not-often downloaded file” that could potentially harm your computer, you can click ACTIONS and then RUN ANYTHING (if the RUN ANYWAY option is not immediately visible, you must first click on MORE OPTIONS and only then on RUN ANYWAY). The patch files are strictly checked by NoorderSoft for all possible security aspects, so there is no risk at all.

Download PC-Navigo 2022 CheckCommTool

Download the CheckCommunicationTool (for PC-Navigo 2022 only!).


Downloads PC-Navigo Dongle Drivers

Download the dongle-drivers (32-bit) of PC-Navigo (For 32-bit versions of Windows)(about 1,6 Mb)

Download the dongle-drivers of PC-Navigo (a.o. for Windows-7 and Windows-8-64 bits) (about 1,6 Mb)


GPS Drivers

Download the GPS windows drivers for the G-Star iv gps (model BU353S4) here.