Download PC-Navigo 2022

To update your existing version of PC-Navigo to the latest version PC-Navigo 2022, you have to follow the steps below carefully:

1)    Remove the dongle (the license key) of PC-Navigo from the USB-port to which it is connected;

2)   The update program will make a back up of all your existing charts, notes and routes. If you have added any data to a previous version that you’d definitely not want to lose, you may make a back up of the PC-Navigo directory or of the subdirectories CHARTS, NAVNOTES, LOGS, GOOGLE EXPORT, GPSTRACKS and/or ROUTES. Save the back up file to your hard disk or to a stick or CD. This allows a full restauration of your saved data under all circumstances, even if the update process fails;

3)   Download the update file here; if you want to update other installations (installed on different computers that may not all be connected to the internet) you may save the installation file on a memory stick, a CD or a DVD

PC-Navigo 2022 setup  (1,58 GB, 14-06-2022)

4)   Execute the download on the computer(s) on which PC-Navigo is installed and follow the indications and options presented to you on screen;

5)  At the end of the installation you will see a dialogue box asking you to “connect the dongle and wait for Windows to install the drivers”. You put the dongle into a usb port and you wait until you read “New hardware installed and ready for use”;

6)  If your computer is connected to the Internet, or if you have previously updated your dongle to 2022, the dongle update is done automatically. If not,  you click on NEXT, the dongle update dialogue box appears, to update your dongle.

7)  In the field UPDATECODE you enter the update code of ten characters, that has been provided in an e-mail or otherwise. The characters can be the letters A to F and the numbers 0 to 9 (an O is always a ZERO!). If you have entered (and checked) the code you click on UPDATE NOW. If the dongle is working and the update is properly carried out you’ll see the DONGLE ID, the COVERAGE and the YEAR VERSION, plus a few optional extra’s that may or may not be permitted. If this list is correct, you can click on FINISHED/CLOSE;

8)  If you have clicked the final FINISH of the installation program, the installation is completed and you may start PC-Navigo 2020 with the shortcut on your desk top.