About NoorderSoft

How did it start?

NoorderSoft in Amsterdam, Holland, is active in transport by water since 1990. NoorderSoft produces computer programs for voyage planning, transport planning, time calculation, cost calculation and fleet management on the European inland waterways. At the same time NoorderSoft exploits a detailed data collection with all the features of the European waterways. This allows the company to consult and advise companies and institutions in all matters concerning transport by the inland waterways network.

NoorderSoft is also in close contact with the “wet” departments of the Dutch ministry of Transport (Rijkswaterstaat) and with national and international platforms, amongst which the Central Rhine Commission and the Central Danube Commission. NoorderSoft participated in the E.U. funded research and development projects like “COMPRIS”, that aimed at the implementation of so called River Information Services (RIS). In these projects NoorderSoft developed and produced software that provides access to these River Information Services directly from the wheelhouse of ships.


On January the 1st, 2015, NoorderSoft has been taken over by Periskal CbvA, market leader in navigation software and chart programs on the inland waterways. This merger will ensure the continuity of the development of PC-Navigo for the years to come. The synergy between the two original competitors is obvious: identical tasks and data maintenance can be done by the same people, so that less work remains to be done and more time is available for new functionalities.