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Dutch Official ENC Charts

A complete set of charts based on the ENC’s produced by the Dutch Hydrographic Office can be purchased. These charts cover eg. the Westerschelde, the Canal door Walcheren, the Dutch Coast, Port of Rotterdam, Dordrecht and the Noord, Port of Moerdijk, Port of Scheveningen, Port of Ijmuiden, the Noordzeekanaal with the Port of Amsterdam, the Waddenzee and the complete Dutch part of the North Sea

.IJmuidenGent TerneuzenRotterdam Dordrecht

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Russian Inland Waters

Since 2017 we are able to offer detailed charts of the Russian inland waters. This includes the following waters:

The Volga River from the city of Tver’ to the mouth, including the delta, Ivankovskoe, Uglichskoe, Rybinskoe, Gor’kovskoe, Cheboksarskoe, Kuibyshevskoe, Saratovskoe, Volgogradskoe reservoirs, inflows Shosha, Dubna, Medveditsa, Nerl’, Kashinka, Kostroma, Unzha, Sura, Usa, Sok, Samara, Chapaevka, Akhtuba.

Moscow River from the city of Krasnogorsk to the mouth. Oka River from the city of Kaluga to the mouth. Neva river from source to mouth, including the delta and the Neva Bay. Svir’ River from source to mouth.

Sheksna River, including Sheksninskoe reservoir. Don River from Tsymlyanskoe reservoir to the mouth. River Kuban’ from Krasnodarskoe reservoir to the mouth, including the river Protoka. Kama River from the settlement of Kerchevsky to the mouth, including inflows Visscher, Sylva, Chusovaya, Nizhnekamsk Reservoir, Votkinskoe, Kama.

Belaya River from the settlement Simsk to the mouth. Volkhov river from the city of Novgorod to the mouth. Volga-Baltic Canal. Moscow Canal.

White Sea-Baltic canal. Volga-Don canal. Lakes: Ladoga, Onega, Ilmen’, Beloe, Pal’ozero, Svyatoe, Senezh, Seliger, lakes of Karelian Isthmus. Istra, Verkhne-Ruzskoye, Ruzskoye, Ozerninskoe, Mozhayskoe, Shalahovskoe reservoirs of the Moscow region.


skt Petersburg

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German BSH-based charts

The complete set of charts for the German seaways based on the official ENC’s by the BSH can be purchased. These very detailed charts are covering the German part of the North Sea, the Elbe with the Port of Hamburg, Weser with Bremerhafen and mouth of the Hunte, Eems till Papenburg, the Kieler Canal, the German part of the Baltic Sea and an overview chart of the complete Baltic Sea.

Kiel ElbeHamburg Schluese Hemelingen Bremen Duitse Wadden

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