There is an app available in order to use PC-Navigo on an Android tablet.  The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Below you will find a description of the App :

1. PC-Navigo-Webview, only on Android  shows the voyage planner results of the PC inland waterways voyage planner (in combination with a PC-Version). PC-Navigo-WebView imports all the planning results from the computer and it can show all details (all exact dimensions, passage details, operating hours, phone numbers, VHF channels and others) without the need to carry a computer or laptop on board. The results are shown against a background of Google Maps or Google Earth. By means of the internal GPS of the tablet you can see your ship “move” through the waterways. By clicking on routing points you can get more detailed textual information. If you want to navigate WITHOUT mobile internet you can buy the Inland ECDIS charts of the river and store them on your tablet. Detailed Inland ECDIS charts are availabe for all Inland waterways via the Google Play store. Below you will find some screenshots of the App, where the images on the left side are showing the Inland ECDIS Charts. See also this demo video :

3.3.2 GPS lokale kaart Ship Up4.3.1 Route Google maps 2.2 Waterweg 4.4 Route lokale kaart4.2 Route  4.5 Route met GPS Google maps