4st of January 2018 

PC-Navigo 2018 !

The PC-Navigo 2018 version is available in our webshop starting today!

1st of August 2017

August Newsletter PC-Navigo 2017 !

Read the August PC-Navigo newsletter here

1st of June 2017

June Newsletter PC-Navigo 2017 !

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1st of March 2017

March Newsletter PC-Navigo 2017 !

Read the March PC-Navigo newsletter here

10th of January 2017

Mandatory use of Inland ecdis and Inland AIS in Germany

Recently use of Inland ecdis and Inland AIS was made mandatory in Germany. Until now the use of “comparable chartplotters” was allowed, this is now no longer the case. PC-Navigo fulfils the requirements of Inland ecdis.

29th of November 2016

Imminent release PC-Navigo 2017 !

Read the November PC-Navigo newsletter here

23rd of January 2015

Voyage Planning and Navigation apps available for Android !

In the Google Play store you will find the new Apps for Voyage Planning and for Navigation that can be used on Android devices. In the near future, an i-OS app will come available too.

The App for voyage planning allows an upload of a planned voyage from PC Navigo PC, on which you can navigate. Currently this app only shows Google Maps as background, but detailed ENC charts will become available shortly.

The App for Navigation contains navigation charts of the inland waterways. Both navigation by means of the built-in GPS receiver and connection of an AIS transponder are possible.

28th of October 2014

Preparations for the 2015 version of PC-Navigo have started

In the officies of NoorderSoft all hands have been called on deck for the production of the next PC-Navigo version, PC-Navigo-2015. It’s due to appear on Monday the 19th of January.

As every year, buyers of a new license who buy before the publication of the new version, will receive a free update as soon as the version is available.

29th of August 2014

Free update for new license buyers

As off the 1st op September, the yearly period begins, during which buyers of a NEW PC-Navigo license get their 2015 update for free. This free update is for all who buy a new first copy of PC-Navigo, NOT for updates (since update prices are based on the number of “bridged” years).

Also in September, the tests with the new Android app will start, the “plan on the computer” and “use on the tablet” version of PC-Navigo. For these tests a selection of about 250 PC-Navigo 2014 owners will be selected. More news about these tests will follow in the course of September.

20th of July 2014

NoorderSoft finishes help desk removal to France

On july 15, 16 and 17 NoorderSoft has successfully finished the move to Ray-sur-Saône of the former Amsterdam help desk office. At the same time, all has been put in place to accommodate one or two new employees in the Ray offices.

We seek to enhance the team in Ray with at least one person that is sufficiently multilingual to be able to help out people in English, French, Dutch and German. As such people are hard to find in France, we consider the possibility to employ Dutch youngsters and offer them lodging in Ray-sur-Saône.

Therefore, should you know of a young and intelligent boy or girl who speaks several languages, who has a drivers license and who might be interested in such an opportunity, please tell them about his!

16th of June 2014

PC-Navigo’s help desk returns to France

NoorderSoft maintained to help desk offices so far, in Ray-sur-Saône and in Amsterdam. For efficiency reasons the help desk will be concentrated in Ray-sur-Saône and the Amsterdam office will be closed as of July 1st. This must save large amounts of time and money.

Your questions and requests for assistance can still be sent by e-mail to as before. If e-mail communication is not enough to solve your problem, you’ll have to call the French number.

16th of April 2014

PC-Navigo first efforts to extend to Android tablet

NoorderSoft is working hard on the first extensions of PC-Navigo onto other platforms: the first test versions of a tablet version that can work with PC-Navigo are currently developed. The focus is on an app that will be able to load pre-planned voyages from a PC-Navigo computer. The planning and preparation of the voyage is done on the computer, but once the voyage begins, only the tablet will have to be on board; it must be able to show all the relevant nautical data of the voyage. The first test versions of this add-on will be made available in the months to come

20th of January 2014

CCNR makes ECDIS system mandatory

The Central Rhine Commission has decided to make the use of an “Inland-ECDIS” system (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) mandatory on the river Rhine. The Inland ECDIS viewer in PC-Navigo complies fully with this additional requirement. It means that PC-Navigo is not only indispensable for the preparation of voyages, but also for navigating and the formal requirements that come with it.

13th of January, 2014

Version 2014 of PC-Navigo is ready! Today the first shipments of new licenses and updates have begun. The new version was praised by many customers right from the beginning. It’s all hands on deck for the NoorderSoft-team to ship all orders within a reasonable delay, but it can’t be avoided that delivery may last up till four days after reception of the order and payment.

6th of January 2014

 The new PC-Navigo web pages are on line!  In a few months of hard work, all the content of the web site has been modernised, restyled and improved, so that our customers now have am up to date source of information and a brand new web shop available. Just before the appearance of PC-Navigo 2014.

28th of June 2013

 In exactly TEN days our CEO, Don Verdurmen, who is an amateur of historical leisure boats and owner of a so called “backdeck-cruiser”, sailed his boat from Amsterdam to… PARIS! His ship, the “Olga”, took the Meuse, the Canal des Ardennes, the Canal de l’Aisne à la Marne and the Marne river to the French capital in order to sail the famous Canal Saint Martin and to moor in La Vilette af te meren. PC-Navigo predicted her arrival with an accuracy of less than one hour difference! The Olga will make the return trip in the weeks to come. The 860 kilometers between the French and Dutch capitals will thus be done TWICE by this historical vessel, that did the distance from Amsterdam to Ray-sur-Saône a few years ago. NoorderSoft’s staff congratulate Don with this achievement.

25th of May 2013

PC-Navigo 2013 will be available as off today in a MAC-versie! At the demand of many Apple-users the software has been completly redeveloped for OS X (version 10.7 or higher). “PC-Navigo for MAC” can now be run on an Apple computer with OS X without the need of an emulator and a Windows operating system on the Mac.

Although “PC-Navigo for MAC” is officially still in its bêta-test phase (the time span in which test users can comment on the software and report possible flaws and bugs), the demand for the MAC version was so big that we have decided to make this version (2013.1.0.0 in which the 1 behind 2013 stands for the OS X operating system) available for NEW users immediately; for their participation in the tests they can benefit from a discount. If you’re interested, let us know with an e-mail at Existing users that want to change from a Windows-version to a MAC-version will have to wait a little bit longer: required modifications in the dongle handling are still worked on, to produce a sinbgle dongle that can handle BOTH systems. Those who will want to use the two versions will have to change their dongle for a multi-system dongle. We hope to have these available before the summer. An i-Pad version will be the next step…. unfortunately this requires yet another lot of development work: OS X and iOS differ too much to allow development according to the same programming principles.

1st of May 2013

PC-Navigo 2013 has reached its seventh “build”; Not only have all the reported bugs and flaws been corrected, the new build has also had a huge change of data, after a number of waterway administrations published an abnormal amount of changes in operating hours AFTER the appearance of the first 2013 build. The large chart update that was publised in March (changing over 900 of the 1200 ENC chart cells!) has also been included in build 7. As is the tradition, the patch containing the new build and data can be downloaded free of charge by those who already have a 2013 version.

20th of March 2013

After the appearance of the 2013 version of PC-Navigo in January, most users have already updated to the newest version. As in previous years, all buyers of a “new” 2012 license who had purchased this license AFTER October the 1st, have received the update to the 2013 version through an e-mail message.