System Requirements


System Requirements

PC-Navigo requires a number of minimal performances of the system on which the software is used:

  • As its operating system the computer must be equipped with Windows-7, Windows-8 or Windows 10 (please verify that drivers for GPS and AIS are Windows 10 compatible before upgrading your PC); PC-Navigo will sometimes not work on older Windows systems like Windows-XP or Windows-Vista and not on the mobile versons of Windows (RT or Phone-7/8 for example);
  • You can run PC-Navigo also on a MAC under Windows. For this we recommend a minimum memory 4Gbyte or beter 8 Gbyte. As processor best a Quad (4) Core type. As virtual emulation of Windows you can use a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion, Virtualbox or Parallels Desktop).
  • The processor frequency of the computer must be at least 2 GHz; for the use of PC-Navigo in combination with an AIS-transponder a frquency of at least 2,6 GHz is recommended. As processor we recommend Intel i5 or Intel i7. (or similar)
  • The available RAM memory must be at least 4 Gb, and every extra byte helps to improve the performance of the software. Here, too, the use in combination with an AIS transponder is reason to double this value to at least 8 Gb;
  • A separate processor for the graphics is a must (computers on which all the graphic information has to pass through the main processor will almost always be too slow);
  • At least one USB connector must be available;
  • To load the installation files, the computer must either have a DVD station or an Internet connection with sufficient band width (the files can be loaded either from the DVD or from our web site, but their size is considerable so more than 2Mb/sec is recommended to succesfully download the files);
  • Some functions (like downloading stoppages and on line help desk support) require Internet access; the use of the program itself does not require access.
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Dedicated computer

Professional use of PC-Navigo (in particular the ENC charts and AIS data) causes a considerable work load for the computer. We recommend the use of a “dedicated computer” for PC-Navigo, on which no or few other programs are run. In situations in which the information generated by PC-Navigo is vital for a safe navigation, such a dedicated computer is the best guarantee for a performance without interruptions or surprises. Often the conflicts with other software, or with other com port users, are the cause of malfunctions of PC-Navigo.