Newsletter September
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Dear Customer,

The summer is already over. Lots of sun, but also low water which causes many problems. Hopefully you still have enjoyed the nice weather.

In this newsletter we would like to ask your attention for the function that was introduced earlier this year.

Enjoy reading,
Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft


History list

In the version of 2018 a lot of improvements have been made. There is also a new function added to the list, which we would like to bring to your attention.
The new function, the history list, is a list of all given locations that are once filled in as 'departure', 'via', 'avoid' and 'destination'. If we for example, create a new route from Berlin to Paris, both locations will show in the history list.


The history list can be sorted in alphabetical order to make your search for previous locations easier. But there is another trick, you can mark a certain location as favorite. Locations marked as favorite will be shown with a yellow star at the top of the page. This way you can mark often used locations and re-use them with ease.


If the list starts filling up, you can empty it all at once by clicking the 'Clear history' button. After performing this action it will also ask you if you would like to remove your favorites as well. This way you can clean your history list without losing your favorite locations.
Now to use a as favorite marked location, click on it with the right mouse button and selected the wanted option to set the location as departure, via, avoid or destination. Using the right mouse button it is also possible to delete a single history location instead of the complete list at once.

Free update with the new version

Like every year, from October this year we are giving a free update with the purchase of a new version. This implies that for all new versions of the complete program, we provide a free update.

The update is planned for the first half of January next year. For the exact release date, please keep an eye on our newsletter.




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