Newsletter September
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Dear customer,

Last month we were asked about some settings, which might be difficult to find . Those settings include GPS distance-rings and changing the ship’s shape. In this newsletter we will show you how to access these options.

PC-Navigo will participate in the NEVA tradefair (19-9 until 22-9) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Detailed charts of the Russian inland waters have recently become available in our webshop and much work has been done to create a Russian translation. We will promote our Russian version of PC-Navigo during NEVA in cooperation with our Russian dealer Abris LLC.

We will also be present at Europort, which will take place in The Netherlands from the 7th to the 10th of November at Ahoy in Rotterdam. For more information, please visit the link below:

We wish you much reading pleasure,
Marc Persoons and Wim Kalfsvel, CEO's of Periskal and Noordersoft


Distance rings

Last month, we got some questions about the distance rings. As a result of this, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to make these rings (in)visible and how to set the distance between those rings. You can get to your fleet list by going to “view -> boat data”. Here you find a tab, named “boat shape”. In this section, you find the options “Show … distance rings” and “with a radius step of … m”. Here you may adjust the amount of rings and the distance between them. For example: 5 rings, each indicating a distance of 100m.

Changing the ship's shape

This feature is also found under “view -> boat data”, but this time, you will make use of the tab “boat shape icon”. Here you can customize your icon, presenting your ship on the chart, to an arrow of your choice. Do not forget to change size to at least 1. To use this arrow as a permanent replacement for the shape in the “boat shape”, you change the option “switching scale” from automatic to 1500. In this case, the arrow changes back to the shape in “boat shape” as soon as the scale goes below 1:1500. In this way, you can practically always keep your arrow as your boat shape on the chart.






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