Newsletter October
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Dear Customer,

De Westerschelde is always on the move. The situation is currently undergoing such a change that it has been decided to no longer make use of the lateral bouys on the south-eastern part of the Schaar van Valkenisse. This is why we released a new patch (1.4.1).

Enjoy reading,
Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft


Patch Chart update

The situation on the southern part of the Schaar van Valkenisse has changed. The waterway manager has decided to replace the lateral buoys (red and green buoys) by yellow buoys. Currently, even the upstream navigation is being recommended to avoid this route. With our latest patch, you will immediately be up to date about this new situation.

Schaar van Valkenisse

The procedure is most likely known by now. You will automatically be notified at program-startup, on the condition that you are connected to the internet. If you are unable to set up a connection to internet while sailing, you can also download the patch, whenever it suits you, on our website:




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