Newsletter May
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Dear Customer,

We have recently launched our first patch for 2018. this patch contains several small improvements to the program, but more importantly we have updated a great number of charts.

A reminder: Noordersoft will be present during the Maritime Industry Tradefair in Gorinchem, the Netherlands from 29 to 31 of May. Together with our parent company, Periskal, we will gladly show you the latest improvements to the interface of PC-Navigo.

Enjoy reading,
Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft


Release patch May

By now you should have received a notification from PC-Navigo, informing you about a new patch: version 2018.1.2.1. During startup of PC-Navigo a window is shown, which contains a link to our website, allowing you to download our most recent patch. Of course it is also possible to go to our website directly:

As reported: This patch is mostly about chartupdates: The inner waters of Germany, Westerschelde, Wadden and IJsselmeer have been updated. We have also made substantial changes to the yachtharbour database, which is an option available through our website Additionaly we have made some smaller modifications to the program itself.





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