Newsletter July
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Dear Customer,

It's shaping up to be a warm summer and what better place to be than on the water.

In this newsletter we will present to you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of PC-Navigo.

Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft



Most of you will have already left on your voyage to Germany, France, Belgium or the Netherlands. If there are ever any questions about the use of PC-Navigo or you have a great tip which you wish to share you may always contact us. We may be reached by phone from 9 15 until 12 AM or via e-mail the entire day.

It might be necessary to log into your computer remotely. This requires an internet connection. The easiest way to setup internet on board is by using your smartphone. In the settings there should be an option for "tethering" or "mobile hotspot".


Most of you will have already purchased an update. In case you haven't; it's not too late. Navigating with out-dated charts is not only unsafe, you might also not be in line with local regulations. Updates are available through our website .

Sail op Scheveningen

Basking in the sun during "Sail Scheveningen"

AIS transponder

We have made many customers happy with a new AIS transponder, but there are still plenty in stock. Being able to look ahead further makes life on board that much more relaxing.



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