Newsletter January
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Dear Customer,

We take this opportunity to thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year. Last weeks we have spent a lot of time working on the new software together with our test clients to come to a new PC- Navigo 2019 version.

The result is a completely renewed and modern piece of navigation software. You can order the update via our web shop.

You will find some detailed information further on in the newsletter,

Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft


PC-Navigo 2019

The new 2019 version has been tested during a two month trial by our test clients. We want to thank these first group of testers for their efforts and comments. The upgrade to the 2019 version is now available in the web shop.

The user interface has been renewed and has a modern look and feel. The subdivision of functions and details of the menu's has not been changed to ease the transition towards the new version. You will still find the items you are used to work with.


Nieuwe Layout

Blue wave and Openstreetmaps

One of the new functions is the so called "Blue Wave", a cooperation between waterway authorities in the Netherlands. They are working together with the aim to distribute actual data about berth occupation and bridge opening times. In the near future also locks will be connected and the possibility to interact with the objects in a digital way.


Position of the own ship and AIS data can now be shown on a Open Streetmap background.


Price changes

Due to the increased general costs the price of the update has been changed slightly. The update via download will cost 70 Euro (including VAT) or 80 Euro on DVD (including VAT) The price of PC Navigo Germany is now 250 Euro (VAT included).




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