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First of all, Best Wishes for 2023, a good health and lots of sailing pleasure in the New Year!

The new version 2023 is available now. The update contains a program that is largely the same as the 2022 version, some corrections have been made and certain settings have been adjusted. You will also find the latest charts, chart improvements, new tidal information and updated base data. The settings of your 2022 version are fully taken over so that the installation can run smoothly.

Do not postpone the purchase until the start of the sailing season, the months of January to March are quiet and give us more time for customer support. Now that almost everyone uses AIS and many extra questions are being received about it, we are forced to organize ourselves better. Telephone assistance takes up a lot of time and prevents other customers from reaching us. That is why we will improve telephone assistance from 2023 by working with appointments.

The PC Navigo standard update includes assistance via e-mail and remote assistance after contact by e-mail. We will do everything possible to answer your mail as soon as possible. Keep your email as short and clear as possible. Also read the FAQ first, all the most common problems are described there. PC – Navigo standard update is the solution for the less demanding pleasure craft with daily chart updates between May 15 and September 15. (online over the internet). Customers who exceptionally want an appointment on a specific day or time can book a (paid) appointment via the website. We now get too many questions to contact us on a specific day or hour, a service we cannot guarantee without a clear appointment.

The PC Navigo PRO update entitles you to daily map updates and telephone support provided by parent company Periskal for a full year.


Frequently asked questions to our Helpdesk

  • Why was the chart presentation completely renewed in the 2022 version?
    • We have communicated this before. The so-called "chart engine" was almost dead and caused the program to crash and hang. The presentation of symbols, Inland ECDIS charts and AIS was no longer in line with European regulations and had to be adapted to continue to be recognized as a charting system. After all, many waterway authorities require Inland ECDIS and/or an updated digital chart.
  • Information on the map in the 2022 version is : too much / too little / overlaps / contains text / contains no text / is too small / is too big / buoys too big / buoys too small
    • You can set all this via the (settings) wheel. If you can't find a solution, send an e-mail, almost everything is possible and settings are different for everyone.
  • Presentation of AIS in the 2022 version is different.
    • Here too, different settings are possible, with track over ground, without track over ground, display of moored ships or not, etc. The symbolic representation of AIS is currently in line with the European rules and standards for Inland ECDIS.
  • Maps in the 2022 version were incomplete.
    • In that case you have a bad installation version and/or the installation failed. A full 2022 version with all contiguous Inland ECDIS charts can be found on our website in the download section.
  • GPS settings window has been changed.
    • In the past you could only connect a GPS mouse, but this is a thing of the past. Many more settings are possible via NMEA. Both physical COM ports, USB Com ports and network ports can be used for sensors. Usually an AIS is now connected. (which itself includes a GPS).

Boot Holland

Noordersoft will be present at Boot Holland, this fair will take place again from March 8 to 12 in Leeuwarden after several years of interruption due to Covid. At the fair we will demonstrate the PC-Navigo 2023 version and provide as much information as possible. The Helpdesk team will remain in place and can also be reached during the exhibition. It is best to place orders on the website, but it is also possible at the fair with bank card.








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