Newsletter December
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Dear Customer,

The end of the year is always a very busy period for us. Both the programme and our routeplanning data are under revision. In this newsletter you can read all about our plans for the upcoming version PC-Navigo 2020.

Tim Mestdag and Joost Lorijn, Team Noordersoft


PC-Navigo in 2020

The version 2020 will be released before Christmas this year. We are already nearing the end of development. We expect to have a beta-version up and running in the coming weeks. This will be tested extensively both internally and externally by our testgroup, after which the official version PC-Navigo 2020 will be release in our webshop.

The version 2020 will strongly resemble the version 2019. Major changes have been made to upgrade the AIS interface. The new interface will be able to adjust data in both older versions and newer versions of AIS. Adjusting data in the AIS is only relevant for Inland Class A transponder that have been approved by the CCR - Rhine Commission.

The module within PC-Navigo which is responsible for drawing of charts is possibly the most complex part of the program. Through the years we have seen an increasing level of detail in the charts. This is a good thing for our users, but it also means that the chart-engine would struggle more and more. About time this module received an overhaul. We have found Peter Feenstra, possibly known to you as one of the founders of PC-Navigo, willing to create this new engine. In spring of 2020 we will release a version of PC-Navigo 2020 which contains this new engine.

Moored boats


The version which we will release before christmas will contain all the updated operating hours, new charts and changes to the waterway. This version will also contain the new interface for class A inland ais transponders.

We have set the price at release of the PC-Navigo 2020 version at 70 euros. All updates to PC-Navigo 2020 are included. After we have released the version with an updated engine we will slightly increase the update-price to 80 euros, so we recommend not waiting too long with updating.




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