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Dear customer,

The sailing existence in the Netherlands the past few weeks was characterized by volatility. Sun and rain (with a lot of wind) followed each other at a rapid pace.

Even in the foreign countries, it is not going very well. On the canal de la Meuse, between Givet and Charleville at Vireux, is an obstruction, which lasts to at least the 4th of September according to the last known notification.

Our helpdesk isn't only ready for problems, but is also available for possible questions about the functionality of PC-Navigo. There are functions which aren't used daily and therefor unknown by a lot of people. Therefor we dedicate this newsletter to tips and tricks from the helpdesk.

Enjoy reading,
Marc Persoons and Wim Kalfsvel, CEO's of Periskal and Noordersoft


Peiling en Afstand

Range to mouse

One of the functions you see in one way or another in navigationprogrammes is the bearing- and range to the mouse cursor. In the past, this information was hidden behind the info button and you had to click on the map. Nowadays, this information is constantly visible like you can see in the screenshot above.


Advanced route planning

There are situations where PC-Navigo indicates that a certain route isn't possible. The easiest way to find out where the route gets blocked is by using "Area Map". this option is available under view->Area Map. With this option, you can exactly see where you can go. Also have a look at the printscreen above. To know where the route gets stuck, you can disable different factors one by one at the topright corner of the screen. PC-Navigo will stop taking the disabled factors into account if you do so. In the printscreen below, the authorized draught is disabled, which makes the route suddenly possible. Usage of this function is of course completely at own risk.







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