Drivers and updates


Downloads PC-Navigo Complete versions

If you wish to (re-)download PC-Navigo 2018, please see the following link: download PC-Navigo 2018

Downloads PC-Navigo Patches

Windows PC-Navigo 2017:
Download – if your build number is lower than the latest build (in PC-Navigo you can find this under ‘Help’ and ‘About’)– the latest patch 2017.1.1.6 (486 Mb) that will carry out the latest bug fixes on your PC-Navigo 2017 . The latest “build” is currently 2017.1.1.6 ATTENTION: this patch is only to be used with a VALID version 2017 ! If you own an older version (2016 and older) you must first UPDATE your version to a 2017 version (which is NOT free of charge).

Downloads PC-Navigo Dongle Drivers

Download the dongle-drivers of PC-Navigo (about 1,6 Mb)

Download the 64-bits dongle-drivers of PC-Navigo (a.o. for Windows-7 and Windows-8-64 bits) (about 1,6 Mb)

GPS Drivers

Download the GPS windows drivers for the G-Star iv gps (model bu 353s4) here.


If the firewall or local network block you from downloading the stoppages you may download them here through right click->save as. They should be saved on the PC in navigoxxxx\xml

File 1

File 2